Frequently Asked Questions

Artist Checklist:

Have you set up your online shop?

Have you submitted all of the links you want on your artist page?

Have you created your promotional Canva image? This will be the icon we use for your artist page on the VOST website.

  • Canva Tutorial

    • Login Username: ost​

    • Login Passworkd: ostcanva2020!

Have you selected a time slot for the PGAHC video project w/ Filmmaker Mignotae?

Have you sent your images and captions to Rachel to be included in our social media marketing? 

  • Social media tutorial

  • How to make an instagram story

  • Suggested hashtags: #GatewayOST #PrinceGeorgesCounty #PGcountyArtists #ArtistsOfIG #ArtistsSupportingArtists #PGcounty #MarylandArtist #OST2020 #PGAHC #MakersGonnaMake #PrinceGeorgesProud #SupportLocalArtisans #DMVartists #LocalArtists #VisualArtists #DMVArts #ArtistsOfInsta

  • Please email any photos you would like featured in our social media campaign to (Photos must be hi-res)

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