"I take great joy in creating large outdoor pieces, exploring processes and materials drawing from my experience as an architect."

April 20, 2016


Get to know Alan Binstock an amazing sculptor living and working in the Gateway Arts District. We asked Alan some questions to learn more about him as an artist. Check it out!


How did you discover the medium you currently work in?       

I initially used resin as a binder in my glass sculptures. It grew to be an element suitable because of its optical and shape making qualities. The material I use also takes color dyes very well.


How do you define "artist"?    

An artist is one who makes art with intention, with goals, with purpose.


How did you discover the Gateway Arts District?

I helped develop the initial arts district overlay zone which grew to its present incarnation.


If you could give your younger self a piece of advice about being an artist, what would it be?           

I would tell myself to pay more attention to aesthetic queues, be more open to learn from past mis-taken directions and short turn failures. Also, don't be so hard on myself.


What drives you?        

I had a continued exposure to near and deep space images while working at NASA. I'm drawn to the process of making 3D forms. I am also  fascinated with the play of light, with plate glass, shattered tempered glass, and resins. Sparked by creating outer and inner forms in transparent mediums; macro and micro visualizations of our universe. I take great joy in creating large outdoor pieces, exploring processes and materials drawing from my experience as an architect. I am interested in borrowed light, incorporating “radiance” as an integral part of my palette, engaging the changing qualities of daylight.


What is your greatest challenge as an artist?   

My forms express the nature of search for meaning and purpose through the metaphor of our outer searching to find meaning in the universe. My goal is to draw people into, and through the work, so that they become vicarious participants in, and part of its creation. My challenge is to be a form maker who can do this while offering a relatable aesthetic language to viewers that makes these connections.


What are you working on right now?  

I'm developing a 4'x11'x16' high resin and stainless steel sculpture that will go in front of a Bethesda condominium on Wisconsin Avenue.


Alan Binstock

Alan Binstock Sculpture


4218 31st Street           

Mt. Rainier, MD 20712  

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"I think of the word 'art' similarly to the word 'natural', often used yet the definition will go on indefinitely."

May 13, 2016

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